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Advanced Textile Corporation

(ATC) is a fully vertical textile manufacturer located in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Our long term philosophy is to provide customers with high quality fabrics and complete customer service to ensure them a competitive edge in the market place.

We are a modern manufacturing facility with decades of textile experience to draw from. Our ability to react quickly to customer demands separates us from many traditional fabric producers. ATC produces a wide variety of proprietary fabrics custom designed to meet the requirements of the end user.

With good value and excellent quality as our trademark, ATC has moved into the new century with a long term commitment for positive growth and exciting new development projects.

Please contact us to find out how ATC can meet your fabrics requirements or assist you in developing a new material to meet your specific applications requirements.

Specialization in Custom Fabrics

ATC specializes in quality, custom-woven fabrics in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials. Contact us today to find out how ATC can meet your unique fabric specifications.

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Capabilities Beyond Compare

From industry-leading warping and coating, to our range of widths and weights, we have established ourselves as the most capable textile mill in the market. Find out why.

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